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Euroconsumers’ First International Forum

12 nov. 2019, 09:00 - 12 nov. 2019, 17:00
The cumulative knowledge on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence from the last two internal editions of the Euroconsumers Seminar demonstrates that more and more consumers are expressing their rights on digital platforms. On the other hand, it also shows that the digital ecosystem is clearly unbalanced since consumers do not obtain a fair share for their data without which no single product or service can be developed and/or marketed. The spread of predictive algorithms and machine learning also represent a huge opportunity for consumers and consumers organizations but still pose new risks and threats. Data became an essential asset for the growth of the global economy and its monetization should always be considered legitimate provided that consumers are allowed to give their informed, voluntary and deliberate consent and that they are given a fair share of the value created.

As modern and pragmatic Consumers Organizations we always look beyond the protection of the status quo for our members and consumers in general, interpreting our mission in an forward-looking and dynamic perspective The real challenge we face, if we really want to improve the present, is, therefore, firstly to imagine the future and then, in order to make it truly attainable, to find the courage to overcome the often sterile and fruitless opposition between the fundamental rights of citizens and consumers and entrepreneurial freedom. Only through contamination and collaboration with the main forward-looking market players will we be able to transform our strength into a positive “enzyme” in the new data economy and to promote a more balanced digital ecosystem. It is precisely with this firm intent and determination that we have decided to dedicate the first Euroconsumers International Forum open to the public to Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Businesses: Additionally, these analyses, we are proposing a multistakeholder and highly qualified discussion, involving European regulators, leading market players, thinkers of the digital world and top consumerists in order to address some of the most pressing issues concerning the development of a more sustainable digital value chain.