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Libra: 10 questions from Euroconsumers to Mark Zuckerberg

16 juil. 2019

With Libra being announced as a possible game changer in the world of payments, many questions arise and still remain unanswered. Questions about financial elements, governance, competition and… privacy. But the main question is whether Libra is really about creating value for consumers? Or is it just the latest speculation of a market player that already has become dominant by misusing consumer data and now wants to use its platform to monetize its world dominance through an even more daring operation? Euroconsumers wants to still give Facebook the benefit of the doubt and asks to be reassured a.s.a.p. by solid evidence and all necessary guarantees that the Libra project is really aimed at benefiting consumers and therefore trustful innovation. If that should be the case, Euroconsumers is even ready to take place at the Libra Foundation to represent the leading role and interest of consumers.