Charged for a service I never signed up for

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S. W.

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I have discovered on my September 2021 company mobile phone bill that I have been charged 3 x € 4,99 = € 14.97 for a weekly subscription to, provided by PM Connect and hosted by Proximus. I later discovered two text messages alerting me to this, which I did not receive at the time I allegedly signed up. I have absolutely no interest in football and never signed up for this service. PM Connect claim that there is a two-step confirmation process to confirm registration. I can categorically state that no such process presented itself. If it had, I obviously would not have confirmed! A call to PM Connect was fruitless. The agent would not deviate from his script that I could not have signed up without having clicked on the two-step confirmation process, despite my absolute insistence that I never did such a thing. The suggestion that I signed up 'inadvertently' is both ridiculous and insulting. I refuse to the pay the bill, but now risk running into conflict with Proximus on this issue, despite the fact that they host the disreputable activities of this company. I want to see some real action taken against PM Connect to prevent yet more unfortunate consumers falling victim to this scam. For myself, I will not let this drop until I am reimbursed the money taken from me.

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PM Connect Limited

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Hello, Thank you for your email. We will contact the customer directly to discuss. Kind Regards Lucie Customer Care Escalations Team -----------------------------