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Lampiris Rue Saint-Laurent 54, LIEGE
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I would like to refer to you a case with the Gas and Electricity provider Lampiris established in France and based here in Belgium. My flatmate Christina Christou and I moved to our new apartment in April 2021. Following our move we signed a form to transfer the utility bills (both gas and electricity) to my name and signed a new contract with Lampiris. While submitting the online application we had selected the option of a ''fixed rate'' and ever since and until the month of September we had been paying a stable monthly rate of 30.32 euros. In September this rate was raised to 76,84 € per month to further raise to 88,74 € from the month October on. Following relevant communication by Lampiris I went on my account on their website and to my surprise I discovered that in the section ''contracts'' is indicated that we have a contract with ''variable rate''. Ever since I have been trying to retrieve the application we made online or at least more information on the contract (that we never received in electronic form). The only relevant info I have regarding our contract is an email confirming reception of our application and the info on the main points as displayed in my account. I have tried to address the issue to Lampiris and get a hold of a copy of my application but they have been unresponsive (chat communication was impossible as they said there are no English speaking agents and ticket on 08/11/2021 has not been replied to). I would really appreciate your advice on how to proceed with this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need more information on the matter.

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