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Orange (ex Mobistar) Avenue du Bourget 3, BRUXELLES
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à: Orange (ex Mobistar)


I have been a client of orange for over 5 years. I have the Go Extreme package and I have an automatic top-up for a monthly fee of 20 euro for Best Destinations Plus. This should include all number to the EU. Unfortunately every month I get charged for calls to an EU country. I have to call every month to the customer care and I usually receive a credit note. this monthly call is very irritating. However this month I have been told by an operator that the number is a special number and I must pay to make calls to that number. the number is no special number but the GSM phone of a person I know. it should be noted that the number is considered a best destination number for SMS but not for calls within the same invoice. Unfortunately the orange customer care operator who was very unpleasant also refused to guide me to where I can file an official complaint. I request that the latest invoice is corrected and that the technical issue is addressed so that this invoicing issue is addressed permanently.

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